What do you want for your dog? Most people would say for their pet to be healthy, happy, and obedient. But at the same time, they allow their pet to run the home, jump on guests, and sleep on the furniture. They love their furry friend but can’t control him. At Obedience Please, Dog Training, we can help with that. Our LA Canada kennel training is one of several options we offer that can turn your unruly pup into a well-trained best friend.

Professional Kennel Dog Training Options

With our daycare training, you get a six-week intensive training program. It includes 30 lessons, and your pup stays with us during the day. You pick him up in the evenings, and he is home for the weekend. This training is perfect for those who work during the week. We offer a Modified Day Care Training that allows your dog to stay with us Monday – Friday. This is a fantastic option for new puppies.

Full training with boarding is our most intensive method. Your furry friend boards with us for six weeks. It includes three in kennel owner training sessions.

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