Southern California homeowners looking for high-quality in-home dog training can find it at Obedience Please. We have worked with over 45,000 dogs to date with owners from all walks of life, including high-profile clients and entertainment industry professionals. Our in-home dog training for La Canada residents by providing them with the tools and foundation to build a lasting relationship with your furry family member.

We strive to provide in-home training that:

  • Effectively reinforces basic commands both on- and off-leash.
  • Corrects inappropriate behaviors and encourages good conduct with love and constructive input.
  • Teaches dogs and owners how to understand one another and have a thriving relationship as a family.

What does in-home dog training entail?

Our comprehensive six-week program brings a trainer directly to your home. We start by discussing your individual needs as well as your dog’s. This course, designed for both puppies and adult dogs, teaches the following commands:

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Come
  • Lie down
  • Stay down
  • Heel

Each week, we start by working with your dog before advising you on how to give consistently effective commands. Obedience Please trainers can also guide you on such issues as house training and correcting inappropriate behaviors.

La Canada In-Home Dog Training

Why choose professional in-home dog training?

  • Easier pet care and safety. An experienced trainer’s guidance backed by over six decades of experience in the field of dog training can give you the answers you’ve been looking for to mitigate house training mishaps and other concerns. An obedient dog is also easier to keep safe, as effective commands can prevent sudden running into the street and other such incidents.
  • Building a lasting bond. When you learn about how behavior modification works for your dog, you learn how to reach him or her in ways that they can fully understand, which allows them to let go of aggression, anxiety, and fear that may have made training a challenge in the past.
  • Have more fun with your dog! When your dog is confident that you can lead the way, they are more than happy to let you do so. You can go out on walks and enjoy quality time together with the assurance that your dog will do as you tell them.

Obedience Please is proud to provide La Canada in-home dog training that is personalized, thorough, and truly cares about keeping pets and their owners happy. For more information about our courses, availability, or to schedule a no-obligation, in-home consultation, contact us online or call (626) 799-9615.

Schedule a $40 In-Home Consultation
($40 can be applied to training fees)