If you have a dog that needs training, you want someone who has the proper skills and experience. At Obedience Please, we not only provide Brentwood dog training but boarding and daycare services as well. Our goal is to guide your pet into learning what is expected of him through a quality dog training curriculum. When this happens, you learn to interact with your four-legged friend effectively.

What You Can Expect from Obedience Please

We specialize in in-home dog training. Those lessons, along with our daycare and kennel training, are meant to provide you with the many benefits of owning a well-behaved dog. When you hire an Obedience Please dog trainer, you can expect:

  • A stronger bond between you and your pooch
  • Obedience based upon trust and respect
  • Improved behavior in your dog
  • Enjoying your dog more with no worries about behavior
  • Training based on love, not treats

We can help you not only with Brentwood dog training, but we can guide you on house training. If you have any other specific concerns, you can let us know, and we will help with those. You want a deep companionship with your dog that you can enjoy for years to come. We want that for you, too, and can give you the tools to make it happen. We also offer dog boarding in Brentwood. Contact us at (616) 799-9615 for more information.