Are you tired of saying, “No!” “Stop!” or “Come Back!” Your dog may seem like he is out of control or outright ignoring you, but he really just is unable to communicate with you and understand what you want from him. With our Hollywood in home dog training, we can help you build a strong foundation in trust with your dog and teach him the basics he needs to move on to more complex tasks.

The first thing to understand is your dog is not intent on disobeying you, in fact, dogs are hardwired to want to please. Our professional trainers work with both owners and dogs to create a training method that encompasses learning to talk to your dog and your dog learning to understand commands. The one thing you will never see us use treats to get the reaction we want from your dog.

Treats Are No Guarantee

The use of treats is a motivator for most dogs in the beginning. But eventually, they get tired of the treat and cease to sit, stay or come when called because your dog is bored with performing on command for a treat. Our methods engage your dog with positive feedback (which your dog never gets tired of) and we are not teaching your dog to memorize an action, we teach them to think and act on command.

Our professional trainers take you through a six-week course that lays the foundation with basic commands that you can take further if you so choose. Most importantly you will be able to trust your dog to listen to your commands both on and off-leash.

Obedience Please has Hollywood In Home Dog Training, you can trust to put your pet’s needs first. We have many years of experience helping dog owners bond with their pets for a lifetime of companionship. Contact us online or call (616) 799-9615 for more information.