Is your dog always jumping on people? Does he ignore your commands? If your pooch is causing problems, life can be tough. You can’t enjoy your pet like you want to if everything is in a state of constant turmoil. Thankfully, there is an answer. Obedience Please Dog Training offers Los Angeles in home dog training that can turn your dog around. You will be amazed at what a difference just a few weeks can make.

What In-Home Training Provides

Our professional trainers come to you and your dog. This is where your pup lives and plays and is the perfect environment for training. We work with your pet both on and off-leash, encouraging good conduct and correcting inappropriate behavior. We do not teach him to respond to treats but rather to love and constructive input. When we are done, you will have a thriving relationship with your furry friend.

What Your Dog Learns

Our six-week program works with your family’s needs. We begin by discussing what you think needs accomplished on a personal level and what specific things your dog needs. It doesn’t matter if your dog is an adult or a puppy. We work with both. They learn the following commands:

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Come
  • Lie down
  • Stay down
  • Heel

We not only teach your dog how to obey, but we teach you how to be consistent and give effective commands. If you need help with specific areas such as house training, we can offer advice in those areas.

Obedience Please Dog Training also provides dog boarding, dog daycare and dog grooming. To get your dog on the right path of obedience and happy times try Los Angeles in home dog training. Visit us online or give us a call today at (616) 799-9615 to find out more about our services.