There are a huge number of reasons that people seek Studio City in home dog training. But it gets down to this, a well-trained dog is one that you can depend on to listen. Not bold out the door, and come when called. This can be a problem if your dog jumps on people or ignores commands. You risk him running into traffic, getting lost or causing injury to himself or others.

Learning not to do those things may seem overwhelming or you may have tried training your dog in the past and when he grew tired of the treats, the training went out the window. Our professionals use positive feedback as a reward and teach you how to communicate with your dog in a way he can understand.

Positive feedback is something your dog never tires of because dogs are biologically hardwired to please. Your dog wants your approval and once he learns the actions that get it, Our methods have been successful for thousands of dogs, both young and older dogs.

Our professional trainers bring their knowledge and expertise to guide you in the basic commands and can also handle issues such as house training.
We create an individualized plan for you and your dog
We teach you to be a strong pack leader
We teach you how to teach positive behaviors through love and trust

Our goal at Obedience Please is a happy relationship with your pet and through our Studio City in home dog training, you can have a happy, well-trained dog. If you are ready to forge a stronger, better relationship call Obedience Please Dog Training at (616) 799-9615 or contact us online.