Malibu Dog Training

The Malibu area is home to plenty of dog owners, but the city can still present some challenges for allowing a relationship between dog and owner to thrive fully. At Obedience Please, we are proud to bring high-quality boarding and professional instruction that has successfully educated over 45,000 dogs. When you choose us for your professional dog training in Malibu, you get service that is dedicated to ensuring that your furry family members develop thriving relationships with their owners.

We offer a variety of training services, including the following:

Specialized In-Home Courses

With our in-home training courses, we send a trainer directly to you that can aid both you and your dog and your respective roles as owner and pet. Our first focus will be on training the dog each week to follow commands like Sit, Stay, Come, Lie Down, Stay Down, Heel, and more. We also handle both on- and off-leash training during this time.

After we train the dog, we work with you during each session to practice techniques that establish your role as a leader and aid you in giving commands to your dog. If you have concerns regarding house training or correcting behavioral problems, our trainer is more than happy to offer guidance on these issues for you.

Malibu Dog Trainer

Full-Time & Modified Daycare Training

We offer two main options for daycare training. During full-time training, your dog stays with us for six weeks at our kennel just outside of South Pasadena. For our modified training option, we pick up your dog on Monday and return them to you on Saturday. This program, designed for both puppies and adult dogs, is comprehensive. After its completion, it is recommended that you consider three sessions of in-house training.

Why Choose Professional Dog Training?

  • Understand your dog. Our training programs focus on helping you and your dog learn to understand each other and work together as a team.
  • Enjoy safety and ease of care. Because we also offer guidance on correcting behaviors and house training, homeowners can enjoy stress-free activities with their dogs.

The team at Obedience Please is always happy to bring residents high-quality dog training in Malibu that has worked for tens of thousands of dogs. Not only do we care about bringing you an obedient dog, but we hope that through meticulous training, that you can foster a deep bond with your pet for years to come. For more information about our daycare or in-house training options, or to schedule your no-obligation, in-home consultation, give us a call today at (626) 799-9615.


Schedule a $40 In-Home Consultation
($40 can be applied to training fees)