Manhattan Beach Dog Training

The vibrant and beautiful residents of Manhattan Beach have lovely pets who deserve the best in training and care. However, the career nature of many families in this locality poses a challenge regarding dog training in Manhattan Beach. Hence Obedience Please exists; to help you create and maintain a bond between you and your family. We have recorded success stories of over 45,000 dogs, and we are determined to continue providing the best service for you and your dog.

Our various in-and-out training choices include the following:

Our Popular In-Home Training Course

During the in-home training, our professional trainer begins with your dog. It is taught new commands every week which include sit, stay, lie down, come, stay down, etc. Then we train them on and off the leash scenarios.

After your pet, you get trained too on effective commands, thus establishing your role as the leader. On request, we also guide you on correcting problematic behavior or house train your dogs.

$950.00 for 6 sessions

Topanga Dog Training

Modified Daycare Option

In this course, we get your dog on Monday and return them on Saturday morning. The training spans for 6-weeks. During this period, the dog learns how to obey commands, and how to keep yourself elegantly covered. They also provide your dog with daycare benefits while they are with them.

$3000.00 for 30 sessions

Kennel Training (Complete with boarding)

Advanced 6-week training during which your dog learns to integrate with other dogs. We also teach the dog commands this period, such as down, stay down, lie down, up, heel, stop, etc. The dog training takes place twice a week, after which the dog is permitted to enjoy the benefits of daycare from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. Finally, upon request, we guide you on how to correct any behavioral problem and house training.
However, recommend you book 3 in-home training lessons after the full training.

$3950.00 for 6 weeks

Here at Obedience Please, we have a dedicated team that helps improve the relationship between dogs and their owners. Hence, we are glad to link you to the dog training in Manhattan beach.

For more info about our services or book a session with our expert dog training, call us today at (626) 799-9615.

Schedule a $40 In-Home Consultation
($40 can be applied to training fees)