There are many situations where you may need a good, quality place to send your four-legged friend during the day. It may be that you work long days certain days of the week or you want to get out for the day. Being penned up all day is no fun for your pet. Not only does Obedience Please Dog Training offer dog training in Westwood, but we have a fantastic dog daycare as well.

Cage-Free Doggie Daycare

While you will find many fantastic things at our daycare, one thing you won’t find is cages. Our dog daycare is spacious and cage-free. Your pooch can run, play, and have lots of fun. We keep the temperature at a comfortable level so the animals are overly hor or cold. With customized areas, we can provide separate spaces for big and small dogs. We have pet counselors that are trained to take good care of your dog. They walk the dogs, play with them, and keep them company all day long.

Flexible Pet Care

Once you complete our registration process, you are ready to take advantage of our dog daycare. Our hours are 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. We are open seven days a week. You can check-in or out at any time during those hours. We also provide overnight boarding if you are planning to travel. And did we mention we are very affordable?

Visit Us and See What We Offer

You can stop by our facilities and see what we can offer you and your pet. Your best friend will be well cared for by our friendly, pet-loving staff. You will be able to enjoy your time away or focus on your work, knowing he gets treated well. If your dog requires training, you can sign up for our dog training in Westwood. Call us at (616) 799-9615 for more information.