No matter if you have a puppy or adopted an older dog, your canine family member can become the best family member he can be through dog training. In Pasadena, you have the choice of bringing your dog into our facility or one of our professional trainers will come to you in your home. In observance of COVID-19 protocols, we pick up your dog at your car at our facility and the trainers observe social distancing and wear masks and gloves during in-home sessions.

Through in-home and facility training, our methods work to make you an authority to your dog. The difference between our methods and other programs is we do not teach your dog to memorize a command in return for a treat. The training that comes from Obedience Please has its roots within behavioral modification. When your dog is learning a new command (or unlearning an unwanted behavior) we work to condition your dog to act in the way that you want through the use of positive reinforcement and trust-building exercises.

A Well-Trained Dog is a Safe Dog

There are a multitude of hazardous situations that can be avoided through good training. Imagine you’re making dinner and need to step away, a well trained dog can be told to, “Sit, Stay” and not get into food, have the danger of burns or eating something that can make him sick. Another common danger is a dog that bolts out of opened doors, teaching your dog to stop on command or lay down will keep him from running into the street or encountering other dangers.

When you need dog training in Pasadena, Obedience Please has the means to accommodate your dogs and ensure that they are engaged, active, and happy. For more information about our pet services, or to get an estimate for your training or boarding needs, you can contact our team online or over the phone at (616) 799-9615.