Malibu residents love their dogs! We see them all the time walking them, playing with them, and trying to get them to obey. There is a need for excellent dog training in Malibu, and Obedience Please has the answers. We have been providing dog training for decades with over 45,000 clients. When you choose us for training your dog, we dedicate ourselves to your pet and helping you build a fantastic relationship.

In-Home Dog Training or Full Time Kennel Training

We offer a variety of options to meet the needs of our clients. You can opt for in-home training where our trainer comes to you. Our staff is friendly, professional, and follows CDC guidelines. We teach your dog a new command each week and help you overcome problems the dog may have.

Our kennel offers full-time dog training where your dog stays with us the entire time. You can also choose our daycare version, where the pooch stays during the week and is home for the weekends.

Love Not Treats

We teach your dog to obey out of love and respect. Treats are nice as well treats. They should not be used as a reward for obedience. If you are looking for dog guidance in Sherman Oaks, give Obedience Please a call.