Many pet owners agree that dog training can help bridge the communication gap and boost your pup’s confidence and sociability. A leading Pasadena dog trainer, the Obedience Please Dog Training institute now offers pet owners an opportunity to enroll their puppies in the in-home training course. The trainer will help you and your dog develop a foundation of communication that will improve the pet-owner relationship.

What Does a Pasadena Dog Trainer Do?
Professional dog trainers from the Obedience Please Dog Training institute provide in-home courses for puppies and their owners. Our dog experts can train pups as young as eight weeks old and mature dogs up to ten years.

A Glendale dog trainer will teach your Rover obedience, security, agility, and more by using dog commands and other advanced methods.

In-Home Courses
An in-home training involves having a dog trainer at your residence. We facilitate the tools for training, including the dog counselor, and make an appointment with the owner concerning the start and end dates. Although the key focus is on your dog, our Pasadena dog trainer helps you and your puppy to get along well during and after the course. The in-home training includes:

1. The vocabulary of Dog Commands

  • Sit. Your dog’s hips touch the ground, and the shoulders remain upright until you are released.
  • Stay. The dog remains in position while you walk away and should hold still until released.
  • Come. Your puppy should come directly to you while ignoring all distractions.
  • Drop it. Your dog should spit out the contents in his mouth.

2. Behavior Issues
The trainers provide help with unpleasant dog behavior or habits, such as

  • Jumping on people
  • Aggression
  • Clingy behavior
  • Begging for food and more.

Helping your dog understand basic commands can minimize misunderstandings between your pet and family members. In-home courses enable your dog to learn in a familiar environment, which can boost confidence and help your pet have an enjoyable learning experience. Besides training your pet, our Pasadena dog trainer works with you to ensure that you effectively use the commands to build loyalty and obedience in your puppy.