With over 45,000 dogs trained, Obedience Please Dog Training knows dogs and their owners. We provide our clients and their furry friends the tools to build a strong relationship. We help them establish the foundation on which a lifetime of love and respect is built. And now more than ever, our private in-home dog training in LA Canada, is helping owners. Lockdowns and restrictions have stopped many activities, but getting your dog the training he needs doesn’t have to be one of them.

The Goals of In-Home Dog Training

In-home training brings the dog trainer to you. It allows us to work with your pet in his environment. Our goal is to teach basic commands, both with their leash on, and off. We teach you to correct inappropriate behavior and encourage good conductive. The methods we use are love and constructive input. We teach pets and their owners how to understand one another.

What Does the Training Provide

Our six-week program begins with discussing your needs. We work with puppies and adult dogs. We teach you how to give consistently effective commands. Our trainers can help with house training and any inappropriate behavior. We love working with folks by offering Altadena in-home dog guidance. To build an amazing relationship between you and your dog, contact Obedience Please today.