Did you know that you can get professional dog training in Pasadena that prioritizes making you an authority in the eyes of your dog? Obedience Please’s in-home and facility training programs emphasize teaching your dog commands as well as establishing you as a leader by promoting respect and trust-building between owner and pet.

What can professional dog training do for your pets?

Obedience creates convenience.

When you’re home, whether you’re doing chores, working on projects, or cooking dinner, you probably don’t want your dog accidentally tripping you by walking close to your footing. Teaching your dog to sit on command or stay where they are can go a long way toward preventing safety hazards that could put you or your dog at risk. If you have multiple dogs, ensuring that they all know how to sit is also helpful for getting each one ready to go outside.

Authority improves safety.

A dog that obeys your commands avoids many safety hazards, including walking into the street without looking or greeting unfriendly passers-by or animals on the sidewalk. Teaching a dog to follow your commands also minimizes reactive behavior toward other dogs or to people on the street. Not only does obeying a command distract your dogs from impulsive or reactive behavior, but it ensures that you and your pets stay safe both at home and outside.

A well-mannered dog is a happy dog.

When you have family and friends over, it can be hard to enjoy their company when your excited pets jump on them or engage in other reactive behavior. A well-trained dog who knows not to jump or when to calm down at your command, however, can enjoy much more petting, play, and affection from family members and guests alike. You can even take a well-trained dog out on the town with you! Obedience training not only helps you and your pet but can also aid people around you who might be anxious or afraid of dogs.

Whether your pets need dog training in Pasadena from accredited professionals, dog daycare, or full-time boarding in hotel-style facilities, Obedience Please has the means to accommodate your dogs and ensure that they are engaged, active, and happy. For more information about our pet services, or to get an estimate for your training or boarding needs, you can contact our team online or over the phone at (616) 799-9615.

Professional Dog Training in Pasadena Reinforces Commands With Love, Not Treats