Puppies are a wonderful thing. They are fluffy little balls of energy that are simply adorable. However, they do not come to you knowing how to act. Puppy training can be difficult, and some breeds are more rambunctious than others. At Obedience Please! Dog Training, we love puppies, too. We have been working with dogs of all ages since 1956, and we are still going strong. We train you to reward with love, not treats, for a happy, well-adjusted pup.

Six-Week In Home Dog Training Course for Amazing Results

Dog owners love our in-home dog training course. Our friendly trainers come to you and your dog each week. They are taught basic commands, such as:




Lie down

Stay down


We teach you and your pooch the right techniques needed so your dog will happily obey. After they finish the course, your furry friend will have learned his lessons and will respond to you. We also provide behavior guidance and house training.

Give Your Puppy The Best Dog Training Available

You want your new dog to have the best you can provide. That means giving him the best puppy training possible as well. Give us a call at (616) 799 – 9615.