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Empower your journey with expert Service Dog Training. Tailored programs instill obedience, responsiveness, and support skills, ensuring your canine companion becomes a trusted and invaluable partner in enhancing your daily life


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Obedience Please Dog Training specializes in the training of service dogs, essential companions for individuals with disabilities. Our expert trainers tailor their instruction to meet the unique requirements of each person, ensuring that the service dog becomes proficient in specific tasks. Meanwhile, seizure response dogs exhibit a remarkable ability to assist handlers during seizure episodes.

These service dogs undergo rigorous and specialized training, distinguishing them as highly skilled and reliable. Notably, they receive comprehensive legal protection, surpassing the safeguards provided to therapy dogs. Obedience Please is committed to empowering individuals with disabilities through the provision of expertly trained service dogs, enhancing their quality of life and fostering a strong bond between handler and canine companion.


Service Dog Training in Pasadena and Los Angeles County

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Service Dog Training in Los Angeles
  • Tailored Training Programs: Customized training plans designed to meet the unique needs of individuals with disabilities.
  • Specialized Tasks: Service dogs are trained to perform specific tasks based on the handler’s requirements, such as responding to seizures.
  • Expert Trainers: Our team of skilled trainers is dedicated to providing top-notch instruction, ensuring that service dogs are highly proficient and reliable.
  • Comprehensive Legal Protection: Service dogs enjoy the highest level of legal protection, surpassing that of therapy dogs, ensuring their access and accommodation in various public spaces.
  • Enhancing Quality of Life: Obedience Please is committed to empowering individuals with disabilities, enhancing their daily lives through the support of expertly trained service dogs.
  • Strong Handler-Canine Bond: Our training programs focus not only on the dog’s skills but also on fostering a strong and positive bond between the handler and their canine companion.
  • Dedicated to Empowerment: Our mission is centered around empowering individuals with disabilities, advocating for their independence and inclusion through the support of well-trained service dogs.


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In-Home Dog Training

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Therapy Dog Training

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Obedience Please Dog Training Pasadena, CA

Training Dogs in South Pasadena and Los Angeles Since 1989

At our dog training center, we believe that your pup deserves the highest quality dog training, dog day care and dog boarding in an inviting and comfortable enviroment. We also can come to you for in home dog training as well!

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Miles Inman
Miles Inman
David and Obedience Please really helped me and my wife with our rescue dog, Moose (a chihuahua and jack russel mix). We picked up Moose from a local humane society and had no real problems initially. About a year into having Moose, he started to show some signs of aggression towards strangers and general disobedience towards my wife and me. We signed Moose up for the hybrid boarding and training where he stayed with Obedience Please M-F and came home on the weekend. Moose definitely put David and the rest of the crew through their paces, but in the end has really turned a new leaf. Guests and family members have noticed the change and how friendly and obedient Moose is now. I can’t recommend enough!
Cisco R (Cisco)
Cisco R (Cisco)
I have been taking my dog here for years and have been exceptionally happy with their attention and care. They remember me and my dog by sight and my dog LOVES going there (she pulls like crazy to get in). I would recommend them to anyone.
Victoria Chuidian
Victoria Chuidian
A wonderful, family run business. What I appreciated the most is how dedicated everyone is to helping your dog. This is a place run by people who really care about animals and who go above and beyond to ensure your fur baby makes progress in an ethical and caring way. They are willing to put the time in and they are so patient. This is my first puppy (I’ve always adopted older dogs) and I would recommend them to anyone seeking help with dog training.
Tania Mercado
Tania Mercado
We love obedience please. Our Akita is our world and Howard trained him in our home and on-site at the kennel. Howard and david take amazing care of yoshi. He gets so excited when we pull into the parking lot he walks right in excited for daycare and playtime. Highly recommend obedience please for training and daycare needs. They are the best.
Max Fomin
Max Fomin
Perfect place great team David is awesome. Thanks guys!
Front Office
Front Office
Our dog loves going to stay here. he comes home happy and healthy. we highly recommend Obedience Please.
Amanda Bennett
Amanda Bennett
Our lab puppy loves coming here for boarding and daycare! Our former elderly dog Oscar used to love coming here too!
Jessica Burga
Jessica Burga
Our experience here has always been great. Workers are always very patent and caring for our furry friends!

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