Sherman Oaks Dog Training

Dog owners from all walks of life looking for professional dog training in Sherman Oaks can find it at Obedience Please. Our highly experienced trainers have worked with over 45,000 dogs so far, and we are proud to serve the community with high-quality dog training that provides years to bond with your dog stress-free.

Our training programs include:

Our Famous In-Home Program

Through our in-home training program, we can send a trainer directly to your residence to discuss your needs and work with you and your dog. We first focus on teaching your dog new commands each week, including Sit, Stay, Come, Stay Down, Lie Down, Heel, Stop, etc. and then move on to on- and off-leash training.

 After we focus on your dog, the emphasis shifts to you, the owner, and aiding you in giving effective commands. If you would also like guidance on correcting problematic behaviors in your dog, house training, or other concerns, our trainers are more than happy to assist you.

Dog Training Sherman Oaks

Full-Time & Modified Daycare Programs

We offer two primary options for daycare training: full-time boarding and modified daycare, where we bring your dog home every Saturday and then pick them back up on Monday. This six-week program, which takes place at our deluxe kennel 10 miles away from South Pasadena, is designed for both puppies and adult dogs. We recommend following this training up with three in-home training sessions to benefit both owner and pet.

The same as our Daycare Training program except that we pick up your dog on Monday morning and return him/her to you on Saturday. We provide training, they are taken on hikes, and they participate in daycare. We board and care for your dog during this time.
$2480.00 for 30 sessions

Why Choose Professional Dog Training?

  • Better safety, easier care. When you have a professional trainer’s guidance on productively correcting problematic behaviors and working on house training, you can spend less time worrying about these behaviors occurring and more time fostering a lifelong relationship with your pet.
  • Have fun with your pets. With thorough training, you and your dog can focus on building memories that will last a lifetime.
  • Fostering understanding between owner and dog. Working with a professional trainer alongside your dog allows you both to learn more about each other and how you can work together as a team.

If you are a pet owner seeking the utmost in quality from your dog training in Sherman Oaks, Obedience Please can offer that and so much more. For more information about our dog training programs, or to schedule your no-obligation, in-home consultation, contact our team today at (626) 799-9615.

We offer a six-week intensive training program at our kennel for puppies and grown dogs. It’s very effective! Your dog is boarded while being trained for on-leash, obedience commands including sit, stay, come, down, heel, stop and preparation for off-leash training. Your dog is trained twice daily, and also enjoys daycare during the hours of 7:00am and 7:00pm. House training and problem correction guidance is included. We always recommend following the kennel training with three in-home lessons.
$3000.00 for 6 weeks

Schedule a $40 In-Home Consultation
($40 can be applied to training fees)