At Obedience Please, we know it’s hard to trust just anyone with your Sherman Oaks In Home Dog Training. Our training service started with Howard Finkelstein in 1956 and he is still overseeing operations, ensuring quality gets maintained and training dogs in the present.

How soon can I start obedience training for my dog?

Our in home training services are effective for puppies as young as 8 weeks and it is ideal for new canine family members from puppy to seniors that need to learn good behavior.

 Why is Obedience Plus Training Effective?

The core teaching of our service is behavioral modification. Our trainers know and practice the tried and true methods rooted in known dog psychology. We do not teach your dog to perform an action in response to the promise of a treat. We work with your dog using operant condition. Through our methodology, your dog learns to behave appropriately and become a good family member. Negative behaviors get discouraged through developing a relationship of trust and respect that sticks and lasts.

Can households with multiple dogs benefit from training?
Because dogs are pack animals at heart, they look to see how other members of their pack act. Getting obedience training for an older dog when you’re bringing a new puppy into the household assists with helping the puppy learn positive behaviors from the get-go.

No matter if your dog is young or old, long time family member or a new puppy, our,Sherman Oaks In Home Dog Traning by Obedience Please can help your dog become the best companion he or she can be.  Contact our team online or give us a call today at (616) 799-9615 to find out more about our services.