The pandemic has made a lot of services hard to get but training your dog is not one of them. Obedience Please offers both Eagle Rock in home dog training and in-facility. We observe all current health protocols both in your home and at our facility because safety for all is paramount.

For six weeks, one of our professional trainers comes to you at the time most convenient for your schedule. We work with both puppies and adult dogs to teach them the basic commands which are vital to learning more advanced actions. The basics include sit on command, stay in one spot until permission is given to move, come when called, lie down and stay down which are perfect for stopping unwanted jumping or pawing behavior and heel.

Another good aspect of the training methods through Obedience please is we train your dog to respect and respond to your commands both on and off leash. This can literally save your dog’s life if he gets out and is running and you give the command to lie down and stay down until you get to him. We can work with you on individual concerns such as housebreaking and unwanted dominant behaviors that can be turned around through our engaging training techniques.

Make your dog happier, well-trained, and secure about his place in the family. Stop unwanted behaviors through Eagle Rock in home dog training and improve your communication with your pet. Obedience Please has helped thousands of families and over 40,000 dogs over the past sixty years. For more information about our training program, or to get a consultation for your needs, you can contact us by phone at (616) 799-9615.