There is nothing like having a dog for a friend. He will love and adore you as long as he is around. For the most part, the relationship is great, except when the unruliness comes around. Maybe your pooch loves to jump on people or he will not stay off the couch. Rowdy behavior can certainly put a damper on things. You love him like crazy, but the disruptive behavior has to stop. That is where Obedience Please! Dog Training in Los Angeles comes into play. We can turn that rascally fellow around in just a few weeks.

In-Home Dog Training

Our in-home dog training is one of our most popular obedience classes. With the Pandemic, it became even more popular. With this 6-week training course, we come to you. We teach you how to work with your dog. The goal is an obedient relationship built on trust and respect.

Taming the Unruly Pup

We teach your dog a new command each week, such as sit, lie, and stay. We can help with behavioral problems and house training. What we do not do, is offer treats as a reward for obedience. That is never the best way to train a dog. For more information on dog training in Los Angeles, give us a call at (626) 799-9615 or (310) 247-0802.