“I’ve been using Obedience Please for over 15 years. The hikes, daycare, boarding, training and baths.  They cared for my 15 year old Labrador 2 days a week for almost 10 years. They loved him as much as I did. He considered them “family!”  Now they care for my 4 year old dog. They are amazing at training and will train you to train the RIGHT way without punishment.  They keep the owner fully informed, give great exercise experiences, check on vaccines, communicate well, and socialize your pet completely. I never have to worry about my dog with other dogs – he is the peacemaker!  They did this and I trust them with my most important friend, you should too !”

Donald H. – Los Angeles, CA

“One of the best doggy daycare/training places ever. They have served most of my dogs since 1997. I have had a Maltese, a Collie and a Labrador Retriever. Solid staff and great training and Howard, just understand dogs and what works. I just got a new puppy and they are helping me with him. They understand different breeds and their natures…so they understand how to work with my dog, and he is already doing so much better and listening when I give commands. Thank you Howard and the rest of your staff – I would not board my dog anywhere else !”

Jannki M. – San Marino, CA

“Howard Finklestein came to our house to train our dog (and my wife and I). He is extremely knowledgeable and experienced, and his training is efficient, and humane. We have a rescue dog, who is probably about 7 years old, but he responded to the training, and Howard, very well. Of course, dog training is maybe mostly about training the owners, and my wife and I feel like we now know what we’re doing, and can use what we learned the rest of our lives. As a side benefit, we spent a lot of time talking to Howard, and he is a delightful, hilarious, and charming man. We feel like we gained a friend, as well as a trained dog.”

Kurt O. – Pasadena, CA

“I found Obedience Please on the Internet and I’m glad I did. Howard is an excellent trainer. Howard came to my home and explained and showed me my role in training my dog. My Maltese puppy went through 2 six-week obedience sessions and is now house broken and socially obedient. Thanks Howard !!!”

Ron E. – Los Angeles, CA

“We have been taking our dogs to Obedience Please for a few years. Our old lab, Rex, had died three years ago and we rescued a 10 month old lab that had been completely abused. Howard and Greta took extra care with our Taylor. It is now three years and Taylor is a wonderful dog. Not perfect but wonderful. As for boarding…I am beyond picky. The entire staff is just wonderful and they do take Taylor on long hikes and spend extra time with him if he needs a brush up on his manners. If you love your pet, this is the place to go. Its all about the dogs.”

Mike B. – Altadena, CA

“I trust Howard and the team at Obedience Please completely with the care of my dog. They love the animals as if they were their own and treat them as such. Hikes are a must…my lab comes home sufficiently tired and well played. When they bathe him, he comes home nice and clean and smells great. We also did the 8 week training with Robin and it was great! Now my lovable lab is well behaved and obedient. Thank you for looking after Churchill so well! I will definitely be recommending these guys to everyone I know.”

Kerry M. – Pasadena, CA

“Today, we wrapped up the Obedience Please 6-week beginner’s dog training course with our newly rescued Shih-Tzu mix. Our dog was taught by the owner, Howard, while on-leash at our home. She can now sit, stay, come, lie down, and heel without needing many corrections or coaxing. She is also better around other dogs (she would lunge and bark) after Howard taught us how to correct her. I am so glad we decided to work with Obedience Please over other local trainers. I would recommend Howard to anyone looking to train their dog !”

Stephanie R. – Los Angeles, CA

“We have just finished the “beginning” training class for our puppy with Howard and have had an amazing experience. Would highly recommend – very personalized and he will work with you in your home to find hands-on solutions to issues so training happens as smooth as possible. He is very experienced and not only achieved quick results but our puppy loved him as well.”

Jennie M. – Los Angeles, CA

“We have been going to Obedience Please for many years now and have been very happy with the service we’ve received. Everyone from the owner to the staff has always been very friendly, professional and accommodating. Our Standard Poodle, Max, loves this place and we feel very comfortable leaving him there…whether it would be just for a day, or a few days in a row. The owner and trainer, Howard Finkelstein, is a miracle worker, and has helped us tremendously with Max’s training and obedience. Thank you, Obedience Please – Keep up the good work !!!”

Marina H. – Altadena, CA

“I have used Obedience Please for boarding several times. I have a 2 year old German Shepherd and a Great Dane that isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. When we drop them off they are excited and eager to go play with the new friends they are sure to meet. I am comfortable knowing that the staff will treat my babies like family. I love the cage free environment during the day and safety of the private rooms at night. They always come home happy and clean. The prices are easy on the wallet and the owner, a dog trainer knows more than most people could hope to forget. The only place I’d take my K9 children.”

Eric F. – South Pasadena, CA

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