Dogs of any age can benefit from Burbank in home dog training from Obedience Please. There are books, apps and shows that all claim to help you train your dog, but nothing compares to the behavior modification applications that we use.

Do you want obedience training or behavior modification?

These two terms get frequently confused. With obedience training, the dog gets trained to do a specific action based on a (usually spoken) command give. This is memorization and often accomplished through the use of treats rather than positive re-enforcement.

We use the power of behavior modification that changes the way the dog responds to stimulus. This is an ideal way to halt inappropriate behavior and also ensures you get the same response for the command. This is different than asking your dog to memorize a response, the positive associations with the wanted behavior make your dogs perform the asked-for action without thinking. This is the preferred method for dog training particularly when dealing with a dog that has is fearful or gets anxious easily.

Obedience Please Methods Take Your Dog Further Than Sit and Stay
True obedience creates a loyal and trusting dog and it results in much greater actions beyond how to heel or sit. The basis of our training changes the reaction your dog has to stimulus and this type of training sticks.

If you’re ready to help your dog be the best companion he or she can be,Burbank In Home Dog Traning by Obedience Please is something you should consider.  Contact our team online or give us a call today at (616) 799-9615 to find out more about our services.