As the world begins to reopen, people are starting to go back to work and travel again. There are situations where your dog cannot stay home, and you need dog boarding in Pasadena. When you bring your dog to our facility, we make sure your dog is safe, engaged, and has a great time.

Your dog does not want to sit in a kennel all day, and that is not how our dog boarding works. Obedience Please has cage-free dog boarding, which takes place in a unique hotel environment that is an open area that is both safe and clean for your dog to enjoy himself while you are away.

Dog boarding is not just for purebreds, and we welcome dogs of all sizes and breeds. During your initial call, we find out about your dog’s temperament, neutered status, and if he or she has any special needs, we have private rooms and plenty of one-on-one attention.

Meals are a way to make your dog feel at home, and we ask whenever possible to bring the usual food that your dog eats typically for breakfast and dinner, along with any treats or snacks. It is common for dogs to get upset stomachs from sudden food changes. We want to avoid this happening to your dog. If needed, we can provide in-house prepared meals, and our staff can accommodate any special dietary needs or medication regimen at no additional charge. We provide clean bowls, clean beds, and toys.

Call Obedience Please and get a quote for dog boarding in Pasadena or feel free to stop by our facility, no appointment necessary. Contact our team online or call (616) 799-9615 for more information.