As our dogs age, just like humans, their needs change. You may need to change their food, up the vet visits, and be more sensitive to their limitations. They count on us to meet their needs as they age. At Obedience Please Dog Training, we provide pet training in Malibu for both puppies and adult dogs. Here are some tips for senior dogs – fitness.

Changing Fitness Needs

Often our pets do not realize they can no longer do what they once did. Our dogs are our exercise companions in many cases as we run, jog, or bike. When they could have ran or walked for miles in their younger days, they no longer can, but they do not realize that. We have to decide when enough is enough. Here are some tips for keeping older dogs fit:

  • A visit to the vet can help assess your dog’s fitness level
  • As they become more sedentary, they may gain weight, so watch their diet.
  • Make sure they get walked every day
  • Digestive issues can develop, so be careful what you feed them

You want to give your dog the best care possible through all the stages of his life. A professional dog trainer in Sherman Oaks is one way to make sure your dog is obedient, well-trained, and happy.