Do you spend much of your day chasing your dog after he ran out the door? Saying, “Get down!” all the time and using other commands that are ignored. When your dog is unruly, it is no fun for him or you. Your pup isn’t a “bad” dog; he just hasn’t learned how to communicate with you. The bond between you two needs to be strong for obedience to happen. At Obedience Please, we offer Westwood dog training to teach you and your pooch to communicate and work with each other.

Your Dog Wants to Please You

It is the nature of canines to want to please their masters. When you sign your dog up for dog training in Westwood, our professional trainers work to develop a training method tailored to your needs. We teach him to understand commands and instruct you on how to communicate to make this possible.

Obedience Built on Trust

Treats are nice to give your dog, but if you are training him to obey in response to a treat, that is the wrong way to go. There are many reasons that they may choose to ignore the treat one day and not follow your commands. We don’t offer treats but teach the animal to think and act when asked.

If you would like to know more about Westwood dog training, contact Obedience Please Dog Training at (616) 799-9615.