Are you looking for dog guidance in Malibu because you have a rambunctious pooch you can’t control? He might even be obedient most of the time, but he still jumps on people. Or maybe you can’t quite seem to break him of eating shoes. Obedience Please! Dog Training has been helping dog owners and their pets to work together for decades and trained with love not treats. We can turn your unruly pup into a happy, obedient four-legged friend.

Reward Them with Love

Treats are not the way to go to ensure obedience from your dog. If you want to give your dog a treat, by all means, do so. In fact, check out our blog on summer treats for dogs. But giving them as a reward for good behavior is never a good idea. What if they don’t want the treat? Or your pet doesn’t feel like eating that day? Love and respect for you is why your dog should listen, and we teach you both how to make that happen.

Best Dog Trainer in Pacific Palisades

We have several options for dog training. Our 6-week in-home training is very popular. With this method, we come to you. We also offer full-time kennel training and daycare kennel training. Give us a call at (616) 799-9615 or (310) 247-0802 for more information.