Have you ever wondered who the rich and famous take their dogs to when they want the best dog trainer in Encino? The answer is Obedience Please Dog Training. We have worked with thousands of dogs over our decades of training dogs. Our staff has trained talented dogs in both the TV and movie world. The rich and famous, like Gloria Vanderbilt, bring their pampered pooches to us when they want them to be well behaved. The good news is, your dog doesn’t have to be well-known to enjoy the quality dog training at Obedience Please.

Affordable Training – You Choose the Type You Want

We have several choices for training your pup. All are 6 weeks long and include:

  • In-home training
  • Daycare training
  • Kennel training

Each set-up is slightly different, and during the Pandemic, the in-home training was a huge hit. It always is, but it allowed folks to take advantage of dog obedience school without leaving home.

An Obedient Dog is a Happy Dog

Your pup, or older dog, learns to obey basic commands. We teach them to listen both on-leash and off. The most important thing we teach is the best way for you to work with your dog. We don’t reward with treats. Your dog obeys out of trust and respect. If you would like more information on a Glendale Dog Trainer , or a free, no-obligation consultation, give us a call at (616) 799-9615.