The bottom line is this: all dogs want to be good dogs. Some dogs need help achieving that, and some owners need help learning to communicate with their dogs. However, it is an attainable goal through dog training in Beverly Hills.

In observance of ongoing safety measures against Covid-19, our team of professionals makes sure your wellbeing is a priority.

If you choose to train at our facility, a team member wearing a mask and gloves will take your dog with limited contact. If you would instead for the training to take place in your home, our professional trainer arrives wearing a mask and gloves and observes recommended social distancing during the session.

Teaching your dog through our trust-based rather than treat-based methods uses the benefits of behavioral modification rather than teaching your dog to memorize an action to obtain food. When you learn to communicate with your dog in a way he can understand and build trust, it is much easier to halt behaviors you do not want.

One of the primary keys to training your dog is making it a positive experience. Your dog wants to please you, and we teach you how to do it in a way that both you and your dog enjoy.

Obedience Please offers dog training in Beverly Hills and can make an individualized plan based on your goals with your dog. Contact our team online or call (616) 799-9615 for more information about our available programs.