A well-behaved dog is a thing of beauty. They are calm, obedient, and an important part of your family. An Unruly Dogs Create Stress, no matter how much you love him. That is why Obedience Please! Dog Training offers dog training in Glendale. We have been helping dog owners and their furry friends learn to trust and work with each other for decades. We teach you to become the leader your dog respects, becoming obedient in the process.

What You Can Anticipate from Our Dog Training Program

We have three different dog training options, including kennel, daycare, and in-home training. Our six-week in-home dog training is one of our most popular services. When one of Obedience Please dog trainers, you get the benefit of:

  • A powerful bond between your dog and you
  • Obedience based on respect and trust
  • Training that is not treat based
  • Enjoying your dog without worrying about his behavior

Obedience Please can help with things like house training when working with your dog on his training. You want a great relationship with your dog, and we want you to have that. We use all our resources to give you the tools to fulfill that goal. Contact us at (626) 799-9615 for more information on dog training in Glendale.