You love your dog to pieces, but there are days his behavior drives you crazy. Maybe he jumps on the couch, eats your slippers, or is having trouble house training. Obedience Please! Dog Training is here to help. What your dog needs is dog boot camp in Los Angeles. Sending your dog to us for obedience training is like signing up for boot camp. We work with your furry friend to teach him basic commands and much more.

Intensive Kennel Training

If you want the most intensive training, our six-week kennel training is the answer. Your dog boards with us for the entire time. They get training lessons twice daily. They also participate in lots of fun activities as well. This is the best option for puppies.

Other Training Options

We also offer six-week daycare training and six-week in-home training. With the daycare option, your dog comes to us each day, Monday through Friday. You pick him up each evening and have him on the weekends. In-home training is a great option if you need to be a bit more flexible. They are both excellent options.

If you feel like your dog needs dog boot camp in Los Angeles, give Obedience Please! Dog training a call at (626) 799-9615.