If you see a calm, secure dog, you can pretty much bet he has an owner that understands how to communicate. They know how to “talk” to them in a way the dog understands. The dog, in turn, has been trained to know what is expected of him. If your furry friend needs dog obedience training, Obedience Please! Dog Training has everything you need because we love dogs and can to help train yours!.

Six-Week Dog Training

We have several options for our six-week dog training course. You can choose in-home, daycare, or kennel training. We teach the dog a new trick each week, which enforces the basics. This is the foundation for further training down the road.

Professional Trainers Who Know Dogs

Our trainers can work with a single dog or multiple dogs. They teach the dog basic skills, but they also teach you how to interact with your pup. The goal is for your four-legged pal to trust and respect you. They should listen to you, but not because they expect a treat. We do not use treats as a training reward.

Individualized Training Program

Your training plan is customized to you and your dog. It is based on the needs of the dog. We have years of experience helping dogs and their owners. For expert dog obedience training, contact Obedience Please! Dog Training.