Westwood Dog Training

Westwood is packed with beautiful homes brought to life by a diverse and vibrant community. However, for dog owners, there can still be many challenges present. Fortunately, Obedience Please offers an experienced trainer that can help you, just as he has the owners of over 45,000 other dogs, with professional dog training in Westwood. We teach your dog the commands that they need to know and help you establish yourself at the front of the pack so that you can focus on developing a friendship that lasts for years to come.

Our team offers several training programs both in and out of the home, including:

Our Famous In-Home Training Courses

If you choose this program, we send our trainer directly to your home so that you and your dog can work together. The initial focus during each session will be on training the dog to follow commands like Sit, Stay, Come, Lie Down, Stay Down, Heel, etc. We also guide on- and off-leash training.

After we work with the dog, we coordinate with you, the owner, to aid you in giving commands and establishing yourself as a leader in the eyes of your dog. If you need guidance on house training or correcting problematic behaviors with love and care, we are happy to assist you.

Dog Training Westwood

Daycare Training Options

We offer two different options for daycare training: you can opt for six weeks of full-time training at our kennel just 10 miles from South Pasadena, or you can choose modified training, where we pick up your dog Monday and bring him or her back home on Saturday. After this six weeks program designed for both puppies and adults, we highly recommend three in-home learning sessions

How Can You Benefit from Professional Dog Training?

  • Safety and ease of care. With a carefully-trained dog, you can mitigate behavioral issues and house-training complications and focus on enjoying time out with your dog. This saves you time, money, and stress.
  • Understanding your dog. Professional training not only helps you and your dog learn how to work together, but it helps you both develop an understanding of each other that creates a deep familial bond.

Obedience Please is proud to serve the community with high-quality dog training in Westwood that allows owners and their dogs to establish a sense of camaraderie and family more easily than ever. For more information about daycare or in-house training options, or to schedule your no-obligation, in-home consultation, give us a call today at (626) 799-9615.


Schedule a $40 In-Home Consultation
($40 can be applied to training fees)