A good dog boarding Malibu facility is worth its weight in gold. Such a reputable institution will be held in high regard by dog lovers and dog parents alike. They are the ‘home away from home’ for canines, providing a safe, friendly, and welcoming environment.

In this post, we take a deeper dive into the characteristics that truly set apart the average dog boarding service from the best.

1. The Highest Priority is Animal Wellbeing

Dog boarding has as its highest priority the wellbeing of your dog. To this end, matters such as accommodation, food, water, mental stimulation, and exercise are taken very seriously. A great dog boarding facility will be very conscientious about these things and pay special attention not just to the animals but to the owners as well.

In our practice, for example, we allow you to tour our premises so you can see exactly where your dog will be staying and the outdoor space they’ll have to run and play. We also man a 24-hour line which allows you to call in for updates.

2. The Capacity for Versatility and Flexibility 

Just as there are scores of dog breeds there is also a myriad of dog personalities. A cultured dog boarding Malibu team would be aware of this and so pair dogs with caregivers that match their energy.

In other words, truly great dog boarding houses are flexible and accommodating of all dogs. At Obedience Please Dog Training, all dogs are welcome – including those with special needs.

3. Good Knowledge and Communication Skills
Knowing how to handle dogs properly is of utmost importance for any dog boarding institution. Experience is invaluable. Being able to restrain, calm, and comfort dogs displaying separation anxiety, distress, and loneliness are highly desirable skills.

There’s also no getting around the necessity of knowledge and communication skills both with dogs and their owners.

Now that you’re familiar with the qualities of a good dog boarding facility, let’s introduce you to one of Malibu’s leading service providers – Obedience Please Dog Training.

Dog Boarding Facility in Malibu

Contact our friendly team to apply for a spot in Malibu’s highly coveted dog boarding institution or to get more information about our dog training services.