Some dogs are prone to getting nervous when outside of their homes and some owners don’t have the time to schedule dog training classes at our facility. So what will work for them? In-Home Beverly Hills Dog Training will work for them and so many other dog owners.

Our professional trainers at Obedience Please help you in forging a more effective relationship with your dog(s). Whether you need one dog trained or multiple, we are here to help you. Our methods work for dogs of every background and all ages. Not to mention we have been doing this successfully since 1956, with over 40,000 dogs helped to date and still growing every day.

The way our trainers will work with your dog never has and never will involve negative actions or rewarding with treats. We use only positive reinforcement to guide your dog to the positive behaviors that you are looking for. This differs from typical obedience training due to the fact that using treats merely teaches your dog that if they memorize a task they get a reward. But when your dog gets tired of that treat, they may regress right back to where you started.

Obedience Please is very proud to provide in-home dog training in Beverly Hills and other California areas that have been proven effective for over six decades. For further information about our six-week training program, or for any other questions you may have related to in-home dog training, contact us by phone at (616) 799-9615.