When it comes to training your dog, one of the best and easiest methods to get training that “sticks” is through Altadena in home dog training.

Getting a solid knowledge of the basic commands gives your dog a foundation to build off of for learning more complex requests if you choose to continue to train your dog beyond the six-week course.

One of the biggest differences in our training methods is you will never see our trainers use treats to get a response from your pet.  We don’t work on the reward systems, but rather as exercises in trust-building and communication with your pet. Your dog is hardwired to please you and positive reinforcement training gives him the chance to do what he was literally born for.

We teach your dog to obey by modifying his behavior. The goal is to build love and absolute trust between you and your companion. Our staff aims to work with you to create an individualized plan based on what you and most importantly your dog requires. This includes but is not limited to learning basic commands such as heel, sit, and stop. Teaching your dog to stop on command can literally save his life in a situation where he takes off and wants to revisit old habits of running. Once he goes through our training course, he will listen when you say, “Stop, sit and stay.”

Obedience Please offers Altadena In Home Dog Training, in the comfort and convenience of your home.  We have decades of experience helping dog owners bond with their pets. Contact us online or call (616) 799-9615 for more information.