If you want the best dog trainer in Encino, then Obedience Please Dog Training is the best option around. Our trainers bring quality service and education to pets and their owners. We want you to thrive as a family, and the only way you can do that is with a well-behaved pooch. We have two programs that help us to reach those goals.

In-Home Dog Training

With this six-week comprehensive program, our trainer comes to your home. We work with your dog on basic commands, a new one each week, and leash training. We work with you, the owner, to teach you how to give effective commands. We can help you with inappropriate behaviors and house training too.

Dog Training at Our Facility

We do have a dog training center Encino residents can take advantage of. We offer full-time training where your dog stays at the kennel the whole time. With part-time daycare training, we pick your pup up on Monday and drop them back off on Saturday. This is typically followed up with three in-home training sessions.

Benefits of Professional Dog Training

Professional training helps you understand your dog better. You learn to enjoy your dog as problematic issues get dealt with. Your dog knows how the leader of the pack is and follows happily. Contact us today if you want the best dog trainer in Encino.