There are many reasons you may want to enroll your dog in obedience training. It could be you want to communicate better and have a better relationship with your pet. Or you may have a dog that is rowdy and doesn’t listen. This can be a real problem if the behavior consists of things like jumping on people. If he doesn’t understand basic commands such as STOP, you risk him getting hurt by running into traffic. Whatever your reason, Obedience Please has Eagle Rock in-home dog training that can work with you and your dog to create a trusting, happy relationship. Here are few reasons that why you should choose eagle rock in home dog training?

Professional In-Home Training

One of your questions may be, why do I need professional obedience school?  Our experience with training dogs is extensive and includes working with celebrities. Working with our team of trained dog counselors means:

  • Professional trainers use their knowledge and expertise to guide you in areas you may have concerns such as house training. We design an individualized plan that meets the need of your pet family.
  • Dogs are pack animals and follow a strong leader. We provide you with the tools you need to bond with your dog, so they put their trust in you.
  • Teaching behavior modification that deals with obedience based on love and trust. Our program does not teach your pet to respond to treats.

Happy, Healthy Animals

Our goal at Obedience Please is a happy relationship with your pet. A calm, well-trained pet is a happy one. For Eagle Rock in home dog training that can give you a new relationship call Obedience Please Dog Training at (616) 799-9615 or contact us online.