If you live around Encino, dog training services are available to you that can take an anxious dog that engages in unwanted behaviors and turn him into a trusted companion that you can rely on to follow commands.

Our professionals have helped over 45,000 dogs become the best dog they could be for their owners. We accomplish this through our trust-building exercises. Rather than using the command=treat method, which teaches your dog to memorize an action in return for a treat, our trainers work with your dog to create behavioral modification through the use of positive feedback and praise, never treats. The result is a dog that knows what he needs to do as part of a created circle of trust between the owner and the dog, rather than performing for food.

This works to help dogs of all ages and breeds to overcome unwanted behaviors and learn to have a different response to outside stimuli instead of jumping, barking, bolting, and other actions that can put your dog in danger of injury.

Encino dog training to help your dog be his best is just a phone call away. For more information about our pet services, or to get an estimate for your training or boarding needs, you can contact our team online or over the phone at (616) 799-9615.